Banned, Missing, Ignored, Or Lost? Writings Not In The Bible.

Not In The Bible

Missing Gospels

The Gospel of Mary
    (8 chapters)

The Protevangelion
    (16 chapters)

Jesus Infancy Gospel I
    (22 chapters)

Jesus Infancy Gospel II
    (4 chapters)

Gospel of Nicodemus
    (22 chapters)

Epistles of Jesus Christ

and Abgarus    
    (2 chapters)

    (1 chapter)

Hermas: His Visions
    (4 Visions)

Biblical Era Writings Not Found In The Bible

Not in the Bible is an online source to read at your leisure some of the so called lost, banned, or missing books of the bible.

This website is intended for individuals that wish to increase their religious knowledge of the Biblical era by reading books that are not included in the current version of the Bible.

The information contained within these books may also interest those with the desire to learn more of life in the Biblical era from a historical point of view.

Many religious writings could certainly have been included within the Bible, and whether you wish to consider them as lost books of the Bible, banned books of the Bible, or relatively unknown Biblical era writings, they are interesting.

Further information, possibly including references and source information, for each of the missing gospels may be found at the end of the last chapter for each gospel, whenever available.

The current limitations of the Bible was determined centuries ago, yet there are very many books that perhaps you should at least have a basic knowledge of, Biblical era writings of importance that were not included in the Bible.

Contents of is based on public domain works. Accuracy of these works is not guaranteed. All content and information is presented "as-is".

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